Friday, January 9, 2009

Another day in the neighborhood

Sometimes it's just go-go-go around here, and other times it's sit on your hands dead. That was the last few days. They were filled with doing laundry, cooking, doing a few dishes and fighting headaches for both myself and hubby.

There were a few highlights, such as our trader friend dropping by to visit one of the days. And I ran down to the post office both of the last few days. Received 2 dozen eggs from our post office friend too. She has good, homegrown eggs, and I even got one that was double yolked the other day. It's always a nice surprise to see those. I wonder if because there is more than one yolk that this means that there is more protein? Will have to look into that.

Freya has taken to going further afield when she goes out, so I KNOW I have to work on fencing of some sort soon. hubby and I differ in how her training should go and I think it may be causing a problem, both for her in confusion and us in that we can't agree. I firmly beleive that when she hears her name she should come to you. he thinks that she should here her name then wait for a second command, such as "here" or "down" or "sit". So, needless to say when I call her I don't use any secondary so I have to call her 5 or 6 times before she comes. Which frustrates me to no end to have a dog that doesn't obey as it should. He uses "Freya, HERE" to get her to come which also frustrates me. We're going to have to hash this out soon though. He says that he wants her to wait for a second command in case he wants to train her to do this or that... but he doesn't know what he wants to train her for yet. lol. I told him that he needs to figure that out SOON so we could get it settled as how she's trained. Poor dog is mighty confused right now and that needs to be fixed, she's to independant and smart to leave it hanging for long because she'll just do it her way if we can't or won't give her direction.

As I left to go to the post office on Wednesday Thor decided he wasn't going to let me out of the cabin without going with me. I tried to convince him to go back inside, but he wasn't having none of that. So hubby loaded him up in the truck and I took him with me. Spaz that Thor is, he of course wagged and wanted to make friends with everyone who walked by the truck. He thought that was a real fun, if boring, treat! thankfully yesterday I was able to convince him to stay home with the rest of the family when I went down.

I attempted mayonaisse yesterday. It was a flop. I was able to emulsify the egg and the oil, but it never thickened. I'll have to look over what I did and a few mayo recipes to see WHY it didn't thicken. It was a little on the frustrating side. I used olive oil, maybe I should have used a different oil, such as veggie oil which is lighter in order to get it to thicken. I used dry mustard as the recipe called for and lemon juice. A little Salt and Pepper was added too just as the recipe said I could add, but it still didn't work. Maybe I just need to break down and get a blender of some sort (unelectrical of course) and see if the added whipping would work to thicken it up. I know I want to get it right as mayo isn't something that you can leave unrefrigerated. I would rather make small amounts of mayonaisse by hand each time we need it than to buy a jar of mayo only to waste 1/2 (or more) of it because I have no safe way to store it after opening.

Breakfast this morning will be corned beef hash I think. It's quick and simple (I buy it canned) and doesn't take 400 dishes. lol. After that I'll do dishes so that I can make dinner without having to be frustrated by the lack of dish availability. I hate doing dishes, but most of that right now is the lack of where to put them. Once some more shelves get put in then I'll be happier about the situation.

As I mentioned before we received snow boots from my mother in law for Christmas. I didn't think they would make much difference, but I was sure wrong. I can wear one pair of socks a day now instead of two, and with the great tread on the bottom I almost never slip when I walk outside. The no-slipping thing is a HUGE boon to me. When you are short and chubby it is a great fear that you will fall and break something. And living out in the wilderness a broken bone is more than just a minor inconvienence. Especially if it's a broken ankle, foot, or leg. I wore my boots all day for the last 2 days and it's been very nice. I urge anyone who lives in the wilderness, semi-wilderness, or snowy/slick terrain to get some boots, it really does help.

My sister sent us gloves for Christmas. Thinsulate insulation in one of the pair even! Yay! Hands and especially fingers get very cold outside up here. We had some other gloves before these, but they were fingerless gloves and the others are the cheaper acrylic knitted gloves you can pick up for about $2.00 after Christmas in just about any store, mall or gas station quick mart. So these are definitely being used.

Have I mentioned I have some pretty great relatives. :D

OK, off to do some reading, then to get dressed and do breakfast. I have a day to handle. lol.

Mistress of the house, Drifting along on Treehaven's day...

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janice_phil said...

having a great relatives is just so fine...a feeling that is far beyond peace...