Friday, January 23, 2009

Critter Decisions

4 days since my last blog. Boy am I slipping or what? Some days have been hello busy, and still others around here are dead, dead, and deader. It's been pretty dead. Just day to day stuff going on, putting up shelves, doing dishes, getting over the crude and arguing with the dogs. lol.

We are still on the tail end of this cold thing. It just seems to hang on and on, no matter what suppliments we take or modern chemicals we gag down. Dayquil is some relief at least. Dad said to try Zinc, although it's supposed to be taken at the onset of a cold to help shorten the length of time you have it. Anything to get rid of it sooner. I content myself with the fact that I have exposed A LOT of people to it by now. :D Mom always said to share.

May have to run out today for a little bit, gotta hit the post office, then maybe go somewhere for some food. I don't know yet. Last night was a pretty rough night for us, hubby couldn't get any sleep and sometime around 3:30am finally got to snooze some. Of course this kept me and the dogs up, the dogs kept pacing and all that since it wasn't our nomal routine for dad to be up at that time on his computer or what not. I got to sleep about 4am, then was promptly awake at around 7:30am when hubby was yelling out the door for Freya to come back in. Ugh. Sleep is optional right?

I would love to go to one of the libraries today, but it seems all our local ones are closed on Fridays. Double Ugh. Maybe I'll have to content myself with just getting some breakfast while I am out getting mail. lol. Don't know, haven't decided on that yet. I COULD just make breakfast here, it would definitely save the cash. And I have all the fixings, from eggs to corned beef hash. I even have enough bread to make some french toast if that is what the hubby is willing to eat for the day. Cream of Wheat? Sure. Scrambled eggs? ok. Pancakes? I can even do that. hehe... I have a great recipe for corn fritters too. Super simple, and they were pretty good. Although, the recipe says to serve them with maple syrup, I don't know if I like that. I ate them that way last time, but I think I like them a little more savory. They said that they could be served as a dinner accompniment if you put sour cream over them. Maybe I'll do that, some sour cream, some bacon crumbles, some chives... Kind of like a loaded mashed potato. hehe..

We've decided that we want to do chickens, rabbits, and bees as well as the goats here on the property. Hubby thinks that the bees will be a nice solid addition, especially helpful with the garden, as well as a solid line of income for us. There is only one other place local that has honey for sale and they are about an hour a way or so. Nothing local to us here. So we think that the folks here would take to it pretty well. I want the chickens for the eggs, they can be sold, as well as eatten of course. Rabbits are good for the meat, pelts and their manure, which you can grow worms in. Worm castings are GOOD on a garden. They do wonders for the soil. don't know about selling the rabbit and chicken meat, but then I can always find a use for it here. Especially once I start canning it. We can use it for ourselves or the dogs. Either way it won't go to waste at all. Same with the goats. Milk is good to eat in cooked foods, and I guess it's not bad to drink either. The meat is good to eat, and of course, if you want to go to all the trouble to do it, you can tan the hide too. Goat leather is a fine grain leather that is good for gloves, and hats, but not tough enough for boots/shoes or other items that get a lot of wear and tear.

Ok, off to find some kind of trouble to get into!

Scattered Lady...

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