Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cabbage patch Dinners

Was a baking fool last night!

Baked dinner. made 3 pie crusts, and made a pot pie for dinner. Filled it with a can of beef and tomato sauce, peas, carrots, and sliced canned taters. Baked it for about 40 to 45 minutes in a 350 to 375 F oven.

Then, I baked a pie for hubby. Chocolate Chess pie. I am not a fan of it, but he loves it so I made it for him. Poor man is out of M&M's until payday. Anyway, he's been nannying on that since I made it last night.

Dinner tonight was pretty good, and very simple!

in a 8 inch round cake pan I put...

A little olive oil
1 lb of chopped thawed carrots (Frozen of course)
1/2 a head of chopped cabbage
3 sausage patties, cut into 1 inch pieces
1/3 cup brown sugar
2 tbsp. maple syrup

covered it with tin foil and cooked at 350 F until the cabbage was soft. (the sausage patties were pre-cooked).

It was pretty good. hubby liked it and I loved it. I'll have to do this one again some time...

Yesterday was commodities day! that gave me the cabbage. I received a food box and that had the sausage and the carrots in it. So this dinner cost me less than .25 cents in cash outlay and fed the two of us plus leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.

Today was a quiet day. Got up this morning and did a lot of dishes, (whew!), swept my living room, and then went for a walk this afternoon with hubby and the two youngest dogs.

Sure beat making pie crusts though.

Tomorrow will be laundry day! I need to do some laundry or we will end up walking around nekket! Don't want any unseemly bits hanging out, so I'll do up some laundry and hang it out on the line tomorrow. We have the water for it now at least!

And, a horrible, horrible thing happened... I drank the last pepsi I have until payday... 2 weeks from now. and I drank it yesterday... So I am CAFFINELESS! WITHOUT CAFFINE! ZIP, NADA, NONE, ZILCH!!! Ok, well, I still have tea. lol. Poor hubby is about to run screaming into the hills. But so far my head hasn't spun around and I am not belching green barf and reciting latin. Yet. ROFL! It's a good dry run for teotwawki I guess. hubby says he's not ready to go there yet and will get me some caffine even if he has to kidnap someone for ransom.

Tomorrow, I think I will also make some German Chocolate cake. I don't know what frosting I have held back for cakes, I may just have to wing it with some powdered sugar, butter and milk. I know that traditionally german chocolate has either cream cheese frosting or this coconut frosting stuff on it. But I don't have cream cheese or coconut, so I'll see what I can do. Maybe I'll just melt some chocolate or butterscotch chips on it, that could be good I think. And I definitely don't have a shortage of chocolate chips! I have simply bags and bags of them.

ok, It's late, so I think I'll hit the bed.


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Angel said...

Well you are certainly inventive!
I'm trying to cut down on caffeine myself.
My P.A. suggested Itry this as part of my NO migraine strategy.
Started drinking tea and remember I LIKE tea!!!! :o)