Friday, May 29, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!! How's it feel to be old?

More thunderstorms came our way yesterday. I think we got approximately another 15 gallons of water from them. Possibly more. It's all very, very welcome. Of course, Poor Pan was ready to pack his bags and head for his Auntie's house. She doesn't get as many thunderstorms. Hummm.. I'll have to discuss with him which could be worse for his poor palsied nerves.. Thunderstorms or 4 children (3 of which are 6 and under).

Today is a bit of a lazy day. We need to drive down to town to mail off some money orders, and then possibly over to visit some friends and check on the chicks. Other than that, we aren't going far. We are slated to get more thunderstorms today and I don't like leaving the pooches for long in that. Thor takes it pretty stolidly, although... It does take a LOT to make him perturbed. Freya likes to be in the same room with you, but poor pan just can't hold himself together during storms. Nubis wants to go out and play in them, it's like he thinks it's just someone banging on the side of HIS trailer.

I must admit, moving here was a mess. My sister was going to take the dogs at that time if we could find a place to rent there in Eugene. We were laughing about it the other day. That would have made her kids do back flips as they all like dogs to various degrees. But moving here and being able to keep the dogs with us I think did good things for hubby and his various mental difficulties. I know it did good things for me. I was very depressed at the thought of the dogs having to go away. Moving here enabled me to do that, but it has made other things pretty hard. such as the power and water situation.

The sandhill cranes all have chicks with them now as we drive by and see them in the pastures. They are kind of cute in that so ugly you just have to love them way. We saw two white swans on the river day before yesterday. Didn't see any baby swans though, just the two adults. The geese and more that fly around home all have babies somewhere, as do the eagles and the buzzards and everything else. It's such a great time of year.

our neighbors last year lost almost all of their birds to a cougar. So far this year they haven't been able to replenish them. But they still have chickens, ducks and a turkey. They also have bunnies. I found out yesterday that one of their bunnies had been killed last week by another neighbors dogs. It's pretty sad about that. Although, like a good neighbor, he's going to make it right. I admit I have 4 dogs, and no fence at all around my property, but my dogs are very contained. they don't go outside unless we are with them and when they are outside they are either on the leash (Freya) or voice contained. Freya has run off a few times, and it really bothers me when she does. I don't want her to be the one that is out there causing problems. I don't need that hassle and cost, and neither does she, she being Freya.

I am in love with my new printer. We are calling it Hugh, like Hugh the Borg that the federation freed from the collective then let him go back to his hive. It fits... After all it's is a Hewlett Packard printer. I have scanned in a book of coloring pages for mythical creatures, and a packet of paper piecing patterns a friend had sent to me in 2001 and that I have been packing around every since then. I am getting ready today to scan in a fairy/wizard coloring book and 2 Egyptian coloring books. I use all these as patterns for paper piecing for scrapbooks and cards as well as I paint them various places and for various reasons. lol. I figure though, that instead of taking up space on my book shelf, they can take up a cd or two. Infinitely more space there. Hubby has about 300 - 400 Dragon magazines in storage, and when we get them here we are going to scan those too. And I have almost all the Mother Earth News magazines, so I'll do those too. It'll take up so much less room.

Breakfast this morning was bagels and cream cheese, still thinking about dinner. I really want to do pizza sometime soon, I bought all the makings for sausage pizza while we were in town so I think I may try that today or tomorrow. :D

ok, off to find more trouble and do some scanning.


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