Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'll make my stand on Wounded... Finger?

Well, the bread didn't get made and dinner wasn't enchiladas, it was sloppy joes. the incedents of h1n1 are still climbing too. last time I saw them we were over 600 cases. But since I am going to the library today, maybe I'll have to look for an update.

We had our first major wound since moving to the wilderness.

Hubby and I had taken the dogs for a walk on Sunday the 10th, and Freya and Nubis were VERY interested in a fallen log. We have critters around here that look like miniature prairie dogs. For all I know they ARE prairie dogs. Anyway, they are scientifically named "whistle dogs". They make this little peepy whistle like a bird when they are calling and it drives the dogs bananas. Freya and Nubis had one of these little guys (girls?) cornered in this log. hubby drug Freya off and I went to investigate the log. What can I say, I'm a bit houndish myself. Hubby snapped the leash on Freya and at some point she lunged, not liking that Nubis and I were still investigating her log. I hear cuss word, and "get me home now" and look back and hubby is holding his hand. I thought he had gotten it tangled in leash and broke the little finger on his right hand. We still aren't sure what happened, but it involved the leash and his finger. Anyway, what happened is that a dime sized flap of skin and meat had been peeled open on his finger, and you could see bone and tendon through it. So I got him home and used some alcohol prep pads to clean up my hands and his finger, which was bleeding freely at this point. The flap of meat/skin was trying to close on his own, so I put some neosporin in it and over it, and bandaged it up. Because it's on a knuckle, I split his finger so he wouldn't bend it and break the healing of it open.

Opened the bandages yesterday and it's looking better, still bruised looking and obviously a bad wound, but no dead skin or necrotic looking spots. Kudo's to the hubbys nutant healing powers I think we may be ok on this one. I cleaned up some of the dried blood that was around the wound with an iodine wash and put some more neosporin on it and rebandaged it. I'll take another look at it this afternoon.

I beleive that this wound would techically have needed at least one stitch if not two if we lived closer to a hospital/clinic he probably would have recieved them too. But since we live over an hour and half from any of the closest hospitals, let alone clinics, I did what I could. :) Nurse Emily. I don't think I'm up for appendix removals or anything like that though.

The splint will probably stay on for another day or so just to be sure that the flesh is knitting nicely, then I'll remove it and just use bandages to keep it clean and safe.

He has complete feeling in the end of the finger, and in the flap of skin that was torn free. So I am pretty sure that it's still getting blood flow.

ugh. Yesterday we pretty much just hung out and did nothing, it was just one of those days.... OH! We had a visitor to our humble abode. Ellie, (the supervisor from the mobile home move) came to visit. Hubby had let Pan out and then a little later heard a scratch at the door. Beleiving it was Pan come home after doing his business he went and opened the door. Lo and behold it wasn't our little black dog, but a boisterous, happy-to-see-us, brown dog. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to piddle myself. Nubis of course was beside himself over it as he sees Ellie as "his girl". So they played and played for a long time, both inside and outside. She hung out for about an hour then headed back home. We'll probably see her in another week or so. Even if we don't go back up to her place in that timeframe, I am sure she'll be back to pay a call on her "beau" Nubis.

Dinner last night was pig in a poke, or pigs in a blanket whatever you like to call them.. I made biscuits, and rolled them very thin, then I cut up a can of treet into julienne like strips and some cheese too. then I wrapped the treet and cheese just like you would if I had been using hot dogs. Baked them at 350 degrees until done, served them with mustard and ketchup. Hubby liked them and I thought they were a fun change of pace. Something different from soup/stew/rice/stuffs... the recipe made so many that not only was there dinner last night, but breakfast this morning for both of us. I think I may make a vegetable pie tonight for dinner. We need some veggies as it's been a day or so since we had any. I don't think that the fried taters we had yesterday for breakfast counts as a veggie, and we had chicken and dumplings for lunch.

Oops, gotta take the dogs out! Hugs!g

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