Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dreams and stuffs

The rain in our storage tanks is really starting to add up. I think we are looking at about 120 gallons in the tanks total now. Whoot! That really is a great thing. For us this is about 3 weeks of water. This a real comfort to myself and to the hubby as you can well imagine.

Last nights dinner was very simple and yet very good. I chopped up some potatoes, and fried them in olive oil and butter with some season salt. I grated some cheese, and I warmed up a can of chili. Tada! chili-cheese fried taters. I know, simple, and corney, but it filled all the major food groups except vegetables and fruit.

Breakfast this morning will be baked pears, and dinner tonight will be ham casserole (Same as tuna casserole, with the tuna replaced with pork. hubby won't eat tuna unless it is 100% disguised, he doesn't like "fish" taste.) For lunch I think I may do roast beef sandwiches, but I haven't decided on that yet.

I found a new recipe to re-attempt the hummus, so I may toss some of that together tonight as a snack for movie watching. I'll make some tortillas at some point today, and we'll use those to dip into the hummus. yummm. That will give us some more veggies in the diet too. I'll put peas in the ham casserole for some veggies there. It isn't hard to get good meals every day. It is hard to get BALANCED food throughout the day. I try to make sure we get at least a few veggies, fruit, meat, starch, carbs, and a sweet each day but I know that I am still lacking in some things. At least hubby's craving for butter and other fats has let off. hehe.

Yesterday hubby took down shelves and such from the cabin and we moved them over here into the house, and put some up. I have this cute little blue shelf that is now by the living room door and has books we haven't read yet on it. The top shelf on it is devoted to books we need to take back for trade to the used bookstore. And we'll keep adding to that as time goes on before we go back again the end of this month. Hubby has another appointment on the 14th, but we'll be broke and can't afford to go to the bookstore then. So I'll save them up and we'll go the end of the month. That way we'll be able to afford a lot more books to see us through the month. We read about 12 - 20 books a month each. lol. And thats just with reading in the evening and first thing in the morning.

Reading in the morning will change once we get critters of course. Then it'll be: get up, get dressed, care for the critters, come in, make and eat breakfast, then read. lol. In the evening it'll be, care for the critters, fix and eat dinner, then read. I know we'll still get alot of reading done, it'll just be different schedule is all.

One of the reasons we picked the critters we picked is that they are low maintenance. I wanted critters that would give us the most return, for the least amount of work. Rabbits, chickens, goats, and bees, all fit that criteria. In the hot season water will have to be checked several times a day, but other than that they are almost maintenance free compared to a lot of other livestock. Although, I am flirting with the thought of a sheep or two, we don't have a lot of room. Only 1.91 acres. So sheep may be just too much on the land. I don't know. 2 - 3 goats, 6 or so rabbits, 6 or so chickens and as many bee hives as we can support.

Today's schedule will be putting up more shelves, showers, dishes, and, if I feel like it, some more laundry. Gotta keep up on that and since we don't have the cash to go out to do the laundry at a laundromat, I'll have to do it by hand here at the house. Not that I don't mind doing laundry by hand (secret: I love doing laundry by hand!) but it's very water intensive, and my water heater is only about 6 gallons. hehe.

When we go into town the end of this month, I'll be taking the big stuff with me. Jeans and heavy shirts and jackets and the like and doing them at the laundromat. It's hard to wring these items out by hand, so I will do them in town. But the lighter stuff I'll continue to do here at home.

hummmm... tummy is rumbling so I guess I better run off and do some food.

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