Saturday, May 16, 2009

Water and Bored Now.

The plan for today is to go into the local small town and hit the internet. Need to upload/download email for myself, and the hubby needs some new podcasts. things around here are kind of quiet. The weather is supposed to be in the mid 80's today, and upper 80's by tomorrow. That's kind of exciting in that "please kill me before I roast" kind of way. I can't wait until I'm worth bazillions of dollars and have a summer home in the very North region of Alaska. Winter home can be here or maybe in Vegas where Hubby would like it to be. But summer would have to be spent in Northern Alaska. It can't be too warm there right? I guess if everything goes as it usually does, then sometime in July we will have a few rain/thunder/lightening storms and will get some water there, other than that the water thing is on us to haul it in.

We went up and spoke with our new neighbor yesterday. He has big plans for his place and they are impressive. I guess he came to the big wilderness for the same reason most other people have. To get away from everyone else. lol. he plans on buying up all the property around him so that he doesn't have to worry about neighbors. And that's ok by me. The more that we own and no one else can buy, the fewer people there will be who want to come out and spoil our unspoiled home. He has a wonderful idea for a well/cistern/fishpond that we were all discussing. What you do is put in the fish pond and cistern, then you put in a well. You put your well up on a solar system so that it constantly has water being pumped from it. About a 1 gallon per minute pump rate. It pumps into the cistern so your house and outbuildings can use that water and then the overflow from that goes into your pond. as the pond gets full, then your overflow goes into the natural gully we have, and flows on down to your neighbors to use. It's a green system in that even though you are putting up a small dam to keep your fish in, you are also helping to increase the water flow downstream from you. I like this idea, and Hubby and I may have to look into something like this. It helps the critters too in that it gives them all a place to go to get water to drink and it helps to make the land greener so that you can cut down on the forest fires.

Biscuits and gravy were the breakfast of the day. Used the last of the biscuit mix I received from my commodities to make the biscuits. I kept the bag, I want to find out where I can get the mix to put into my regular food storage/rotation. It was the best commercial mix I have ever had. Beat even my homemade mix, which is really saying something there. lol. Gravy was out of a jar. Heinz sausage gravy. It could have used more sausage, but who am I to quibble about that since I don't have to keep sausage frozen to still have gravy this way.

We did some pick up around the property yesterday. Cleaned up litter and some trash, took apart the old tent. I kept the netting from the screen porch on the tent, and most of the zippers. These items were still good even if the nylon on the rest of the tent was rotted. We kept the unbent poles too, never know when a 3 foot section of metal rod will come in handy. It's one of the things you do when you live out here, you see what you can use things for and save them just in case. It's the same reason I save all the jars and lids we empty as well. You just never know what will be needed or when.

Not a whole lot to report other than this. So I am off to find something to do. Bored now.

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Kootenay Annie said...

Speaking of saving things, if you know anyone who smokes and rolls their own, ask them for the empty cans. Ken uses them to store bolts, nails, light bulbs, all kinds of things in the shop. It won't let them get damp, and it is easy to mark the outside of the can with a marker so you know what's in it. I also use the cans as plant pots, Ken drills a few little holes in the bottom of the can and the lid becomes the saucer. I use them for sewing and painting tins too. Holds all sorts of odds and ends. Free, storage containers.
Love reading your blogs.
Pat in Kitchener