Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Last nights dinner was a do over. Homemade sloppy joes over bread (no mix from a can for the Joe sauce!) and we ate while we watched a classic movie called Robin & Marion with Sean Connery and Katherine Hepburn. It was depressing. I mean, we all know that Robin died, but in this version he died because Marion poisoned him. I mean, what love would it take to poison someone and not fight for their life? Oh well, sometimes the meaning and reason behind stories is unfathonable.

Yesterday We put up a few more shelves and I unpacked some more food. But I still have three totes full of food in the storeroom that needs to go on shelves so I can see what I have, as well as 4 more boxes of food in the cabin and many, many containers of dried food that we need to move in here. Not in a rush to move them into the store room, they are pretty safe in the cabin and it's all stuff that it won't hurt if it freezes.

We also caught up on most of the dishes. Kind of had to in order to be able to make dinner. lol.

Today is mother's day. So far I have sent a phone text to my sister wishing her happy mother's day, then I went and emptied the porta potty, and have a peach cobbler in the oven since the husband has made his wish known he wanted peach cobbler. Pshaw. No problem. Off I went to go and bake it for his breakfast. I think he wanted it yesterday, but I just didn't feel like baking.

After breakfast I have some more dishes to do. A never ending chore that. oh well, some day I'll be rich and famous and have someone else to do the dishes and dump the toilet. lol.

Then! I'll try my hand at some BREAD! I love the idea of homemade bread again. We used to make it all the time when we lived in Eugene. But we had a bread maker, so it was pretty easy. Just toss in all the ingredients, plug in the machine, set what crust color and type of bread you were making and let'er rip! I, of course nothing easy for me, would take it one step further and proof my yeast before doing the bread. It made the whole wheat bread rise so much nicer and plumper. I think todays recipe will be oatmeal wheat. It just sounded good and I want as much nutrition as possible in the food we eat.

Dinner tonight will either be beef or chicken enchiladas. That means I'll be making the tortillas and the sauce again. Hubby liked it though so it's worth it. I'll probably end up using the last of our cheese on them. But like I said, it's worth it. Maybe I'll break down and pick up some more cheese when we go into town, we'll be going in this Thursday. But we don't have a lot of cash to last us until the end of the month and we will need gas and propane a few more times between now and then.

Today, if I have time between all the cooking, I plan on dragging some pieces of log back to the homesite. This is some chunks that we had to cut to get the mobile into position. I think hubby can use them to remake the stairs, and a ramp up to the door of the house. That will be easier for Thor to get in and out of the house and be easier on his arthritis. AND if I still have time, I am going to make a curtain for one of the windows in the house. When we watch movies the sun comes in and makes it hard to see, so if I can get something over that window for movie time it will improve that situation 100%. :D Thankfully I have a curtain rod I can use (it came with the house and badly needs replacing), and I have a beautiful piece of fabric I can use for the curtain.

Hummm, maybe I'll leave the logs for another day, I have a lot I want to get done today. lol.

Hubby had a bad night last night with his tummy so having a curtain and watching a movie tonight I think may cheer him. lol. I'll be sure he goes to bed early tonight... To SLEEP! Get your minds out of the gutter.

Ugh, it's never ending around here. :D But I wouldn't change it for the world.

We got a letter on Friday from the Social Security office, Hubby's claim is being processed and we should hear back from them sometime in the next 160 days. I hate waiting, I'll admit I am one of the most impatient people I know, AND I know a lot of people.

Other than that things just continue as normal around here.

Off to take the cobbler out!

Busy Queen Bee of Treehaven

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