Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Critter Decisions

Yesterday we went into the local small town and filled our propane and our gas cans. It's not cheap, but this should last us at least another week or more. While we were there we hit the internet and I uploaded blogs, and did email. Whew...

We were going to buy a propane frigerator from our trader friend, but he didn't want to wait a month for the payment, so he sold it to someone else. That means we are going to have to stick with our little dorm room, electric fridge for a while. No blame to our trader friend, all things happen for a reason. We'll just use that money for something else. More food or something... Definitely need more food around here.. lol. I know we need another battery, a charge controller, a bigger inverter, and a few solar panels. Most of these are big ticket items. Of course we'll purchase one here and one there.. We can't afford to do it all at once. Sure wish I COULD do it all at once and just get it all here. Oh well.

Our trader friend has about 100 eggs incubating. Well, our plan was to get bunnies first. but that isn't happening apparently. lol. I spoke up for 5 - 6 chicks. Wheee! Now hubby HAS to get me a chicken cage built for sure. They are all mix breed eggs, so I don't know if they will lay white or brown or green or blue eggs, which is fine with me. And of course they will be straight run chicks, which means I'll probably end up with more than one rooster (roast chicken for dinner!). but what the heck! I'm pretty excited. I'll keep them in a box here next to the heater until their feathers come in, by then hubby and I'll have something built for them outdoors. Then I'll have eggs in 6 months to a year and by then it'll be Spring again and they can start hatching their own chicks!

This means the order of our critter getting has changed. Chickens first, then rabbits, then bees then goats. I really want the goats this next spring, so I am pretty excited about that.

There is a critter auction in the Big City near us and so we'll have to go and check that out some time. I guess it's NOT just critters, as they also auction off farm implements and other stuff. My friend went the other day, but she said that it was mostly just "junk" they were auctioning off. But I guess they did have a few animals, so, it may be worth it to look at least.

Tomorrow is one of hubby's appointments in the big city so we have to make the run in there. Lookie me, I'm excited! NOT! But I did find out from my friend yesterday that there is a huge patch of wild celery ready to pluck between us and the big city, so I am going to make hubby leave early tomorrow and we'll stop and I'll get some of that to dry. I tried some that my friend had dried and it tastes pretty good. Kind of like a celery with a little walnut flavor to it. She looked at me like I was crazy when I said that, so maybe it's just me tasting it that way. lol. But I liked it, which means that I have to get some. :D And free anything is a good thing.

As good ol' Tom Peterson used to say.. "And FREE is a VERY good price".

Hubby's finger is improving. Seems I didn't do anything to help it rot off. lol. It's a little discolored, but it's definitely bruising, and not gangrene, even though it looks ugly there is feeling in all the injured area, and there is blood flow to the entire finger.

Ok, I'm out of excitement, and am off to find something to do... By The Way... We watched a movie called "Crooked" last night by Lionsgate.. Don't bother, it's boring and slow, and has no plot to it. lol.


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