Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"do"ing heat

Dinner last night was horribly unusual. Pinnapple upside down cake. Hey, it has MOST of the food groups in it at least. Dairy (egg and butter), grains (flour), Fruit (pineapple).. There's even alcohol in the Vanilla extract for those of us who enjoy an after dinner nip.

Tonight will be fudge I think. No, not for dinner, but for dessert. I don't have a double boiler, but I think I have two pans that will fit together acceptably to do the chore. I have a lot of chocolate chips, butter, powdered sugar, and eggs so I definitely have all that's needed.

Today we are running back to the library so hubby can reset his ipod. It started doing odd things then kind of died. I guess we'll have to look into getting him a new one, it just hasn't been exactly the same after the dunking in the laundry water that it took about 3 - 4 months ago. And he uses it ALL the time, so it's not like he can be without it. It's enough that we are out here without internet of our own for my poor misplaced geek of a hubby.

OH! Speaking of hubby, it has been 9 days since he tried to amputate his finger on Freya's leash. We have cleaned it and changed the bandaging every day and it is looking really well. Really makes you think about what it would have been like 200 years ago with no neosporin. Although I guess 200 years ago I could have used honey (anti-bacterial / anti-viral) and cattail pollen (clots blood) on it and soaked it in salt water (over all cleaning and drying and bruise healer) and it would have been good to go too. Kind of makes me feel good. If we lived in the city he would have probably needed a stitch or two in it, but we handled it very well.

The last few days have been downright hot. It made me come to the realization that hair down past my hips is HOT! So yesterday I cut it. It is still considered long, and hits not quite mid-point on my back, but I whacked off about 12 inches overall. :D I have the hair on my counter in the bathroom to prove it. lol. I'll tie it up and add it to a box. Someday I may need a wig for some reason and if I ever do then I have the hair this way to make one of my own hair. kind of when you bank your own blood for surgery. I'll have picks taken and they'll be our picasa account. And, this length is good, because when winter rolls around it'll be long enough again to help keep my neck and head warm.

gotta get dressed so we can get ready to go!


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