Thursday, July 9, 2009

County Woes

As you can see there was a lot that happened here on the mountain a few days ago. We have now found out that several people were told they had to vacate byt July 31st. Some of the rest of us were told we had to start the "process". This process will be a total of about $16,000.00 and will need to be completed within about 6 months. Some of the people that are up here are making much less than hubby and I are currently making.

From what Christine, the code enforcement officer, told me is that she was out her responding to another complaint in the area, and she just decided to do a sweep of the area. This is horrible.

to my way of thinking the county just needs to leave us all alone. We aren't out here hurting anyone. We aren't putting in toxic waste dumps, our dogs (for the most part) don't wander, we aren't letting our toilets just pour out on the ground and so on and so forth. If the few dogs that DO wander, they are totally harmless and have been up here for several years. It's kind of like those of us here on the hill have all adopted them. they are extremely friendly and usually come by just to play or get a snack and a pat. It's completely ridiculous that they feel that they have to do this.

If we can't get some loans, grants, donations and start this process, then sometime in the next 6 months we'll have to move. I love this land. Thor is buried here, and my heart is buried here too. I love this land. It's MY land. It's MY HUSBAND'S land. We were planning on living here forever.

I wonder what is in store next? What next horrible thing is going to happen?

What happens if we do nothing? Will they arrest us? Fine us? take our land away from us? What?

I am very sad right now. I am flummoxed as to what to do next.

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