Friday, July 10, 2009

Response to Evil Prospers

After posting the post about "evil prospers" to the blog, I forwarded it also to 2 of the email lists I am on through Yahoo Groups!. One of these list is my own Always_ready, the other belongs to a friend of mine and is called 4on4. A lovely woman, Bea, sent me this response. Her email address is: just in case someone wants varification on the post.

My favorite highlights are #1, where she assumes that we live like unwashed neaderthals, and #2, where she assumes that we want any county services.

Bea has been on the list with me for years, and has seen the posts where we live off grid and that we do not want to install electricity and that we do have water on the property.


I read this, and I really don't understand what you are saying. You are not up to code. That means, whether you like it or not, you are in violation of county laws. I am truly amazed that you are allowed to occupy a house without indoor plumbing. I assume you have running water? You would not be allowed to live in any sort of structure in the county where I live without both. Neither would you be allowed to have electric or any type of gas service. Codes are designed to make sure people are living in safe, hygenic environs. I would really hate to live down wind from you in hot weather.

Hopefully you do not expect the county to provide you with any services since you do not feel compelled to comply with their requirements.

Sorry, but people who live off the grid and then complain about compliance matters make me crazy. I support your right to live as yu please, but there as to be some sort of standard maintained for public safety.

Bea in GA

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