Thursday, July 2, 2009

Surprise Visit

Had a great surprise last night! My sister called me at 9:30 pm and asked if we want company tomorrow (today) !! I, of course, said yes! Whoot. So my beloved sister and her husband came to visit, bringing along their four children and their dog Max. Max is only about a week older than Nubie. They arrived today and it's a madhouse. Thankfully Max hit it off 100% with Nubis and they are frantically playing like mad dogs. It's absolutely great to have family here. There aren't many women here and so anytime I can interact with another one of my species it's great. Most of the enhabitants of the area are of that alien species known as male. Also known as, "those who frustrate those of us actually from this planet". lol.

We'll settle in today, and then tomorrow will be full of exciting and fun things for the kids to do and us to do.
Gotta jog, I don't get much time with them, but I just wanted to let you know that I was still around. hehe.

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