Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Evil Prospers

Evil is any action that knowingly causes hardship, loss, or suffering to another.

On July 7th 2009 Kristine Cornett, a Klamath County code enforcement officer, accompanied by a county deputy, brought evil to an entire community of low income people.

For years the folks living in this community have barely scraped out an existence. In this community there is no connection to power, most have to truck in their water, and many use out-houses or rented portable toilets. Most in this community are on fixed incomes, disability or social security, one is dieing.

This is a rural community, no one location can even see any other, it is miles from anything resembling a town. None of us have traditional homes. Some live in camping trailers, some in small sheds, a few luckier ones have older mobile homes. None are living in accordance with county code, and from there the evil flows.

For some reason, Ms. Cornett, one of only two code inspectors in the entire county, found it necessary to persecute this entire community. Granted, she is acting fully within the bounds of the law, but laws do not keep an act from being evil. Some of the folks have been told they have no right to live on their land any longer and must leave before the end of the month, all the others were told that unless large sums of money were paid to the county in the form of permits, improvements, and inspections, they also would have to vacate their land. This would be called extortion if it wasn't backed up by the force of the government. I personally still call it extortion.

Perhaps the county has decided to try and balance it's budget on the backs of the poor, or maybe Ms. Cornett thinks she is just doing her job, perhaps someone got tired of all us poor folk. I don't know the reason we were targeted, but the end result is the same, an entire community has been subjected to hardship, loss, and will suffer. In other words, evil has been done to us.

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