Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thor's Stroke

oh God. Life sucks. It's a sorrowful time around here...

Thor this morning didn't want to get up when I went to get him awake to go out. He had loosed his bowels in the night for both urine and feces and just looked at me and wagged. Hubby had to help him to stand and lift him down the steps to go outside. thor was able to stand and pass urine, but to have his bowel movemend he laid down on his tummy. His back legs just won't support him.

I think he's had a stroke or heart attack. I was able to get him to eat, and he can drink ok, and does it often. We've manipulated his legs, checked his back and hips for displacement or pain and there is none. He's just lost all motor control. Today is Friday, and if he isn't showing improvement we'll have to take him to the vet... If we can get a ride. He's 12 and 1/2 years old so I don't think there is anything a vet can do for him. I know a lot of dogs do improve from both a stroke and a heart attack so it's very possible he'll recover with no side effects.

In the mean time I'll let him lay quietly in the kitchen, we'll administer aspirin and manipulate his rear legs. hubby has continued all day long to help him up and carry him in and out to go to the bathroom, and he is able to hold his waste.

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