Thursday, July 30, 2009

Movin' Movin' Movin'!

We went this morning and made a run to the mobile for stuff. This load is mostly canned goods. I'm not feeling too well today, kind of that drugged out feeling without having taken any drugs. I have a general "woozieness" that I just can't shake. I thought it may be too much sugar, so I have now eaten a bunch of protien to try and counter it. We'll see if it helps some. If not then I'll end up going in and laying down for a bit.

I have to empty these boxes and totes that we brought back from the mobile before we go back over, I need them to pack more stuff in.

It looks like there is about 4 more loads or so over there, then a few trips to the dump (you always find so much more trash when you are moving than at any other time you live somewhere!).

Tonights dinner is going to be beef roast, with mashed taters and veggie of some sort. I know I am long on greenbeans and corn, but it all depends on what I have here at the house verses what is still at the mobile. :) I am sure that you all know how that goes. Man I wish there was a pizza place here in town! lol.

Off to go and unload a tote or two!

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