Thursday, July 2, 2009

Daily Grind

Went into the big city, got our monthly shopping done. Wheew... That is a lot of work, and a lot of money! this month is going to be very, very tight because of buying the car. I hope we can make it but we have less than $200.00 for the month. This will have to buy gas, and propane until we get our next check the end of July. This fixed income thing is for the birds. I'll be enacting my Etsy account soon, I have several items to put up for sale there finally. mostly washclothes and some bandage kits. I will be adding aprons and some embroidered kitchen towels soon too. Blah..

The new car didn't like coming up our hill, had to shift into first gear, but other than that she ran really well yesterday. I'm excited about that. tomorrow we are going to run into the smaller, local town and do the gas/propane fillup.

Tuesday I have a dr. appointment in another smaller local town (it's about 1 hour away or so) and we'll take the laundry with us. While I am in the dr. office, hubby will download his podcasts, and upload pictures to our picture account, as well as work on laundry. Then when I am done at the dr, I'll do email and upload these blogs.

I have several things growing right now. I have a local lilac out back now, it's white and I can't wait to see it in bloom. I have some rosa rugosa cuttings in a pot trying to root them, but they aren't doing well, I don't know what I did wrong, as I have done this a lot... Perhaps it's our soil as I just used our dirt and not potting soil. Or maybe I used too much rotting enzyme. I don't know, but if I loose them I'll just try again. These are yellow, and I have since located pink, purple and red. I want all the colors! lol. I have 3 heritage tomato seedlings I am planting 2 of them in my topsy turvey's today. the 3rd will go in a regular pot and on the kitchen table. I also have some multiplying onions growing, and some mint. Not much, I know, but every little bit is a good thing in my opinion.

I know the onions are REALLY exciting, as they are growing over 1/2" a day!

After the Dr. on Tuesday I have to stop at a friends and pick up some more eggs. As of today I am down to 11 eggs in the house! No deviled eggs or hollandaise until I resupply. lol. I do have some dehydrated eggs, but I hate the idea of having to break into those unless I absolutely have to. they are very versatile, and they keep practically forever.

So much to do, and so little time, money and inclination to do it right now. I am still so depressed that just facing the day is very hard. It's been a week since Thor passed, and the grief is no less now than it was then. It's like I had an arm or foot cut off.

ok, I'm getting morose, need to find something to do.

Off to plant tomatoes.

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