Tuesday, July 7, 2009

daily Doin's

So much is going on lately! Whew. I'll be glad when winter comes back so I can slow down some.

Working in my kitchen and living room, trying to get it so that it's a home, and not just a place to be when I'm not out doing anything else. I have so much done, yet so much to do... And I'm not looking forward to when I get the rest of our stuff here from storage! Then i'll have MORE stuff to find a place for. lol. Thankfully, there is still some stuff in storage I don't plan on us keeping.

Went to town yesterday for hubby's appointment, did some laundry and hit the store real quick. I had to pick up some more embroidery floss for this project I am working on. I am embriodering the squares for a quilt for my nephew for Christmas. I have one more square to do then I'll have all 12 done. I'll have to make some more squares to finish the quilt sine these are 9 inch squares. They are a preprinted kit I bought at bi-mart, and according to the pattern that came with the squares, the quilt is only 30 x 40 inches. That may work for a baby or a toddler... but my nephew is 5 and I want something he can (and will) use on his twin size bed. So I'll have to do the math to make this into a twin size. I am thinking I'll get some plain blue flannel and cut some more squares and embroider the names of what's on the squares on them. So one will say cow, and one will say horse and so on and so forth. That will help to make up some more squares to make it bigger. I'll leave some plain too. Each square is embriodered monochromatic, so that made it go a lot faster. And it's kind of cute. I have pink sheep, a grey horse, yellow ducks, red rooster and so on. The last block I have to do still is the most complicated, it's a scarecrow in a corn field. I am going to embroider this block in orange. It just kind of fits I think. lol.

I have two pretty sunbonnet sue panels embroidered also. These are bigger, about 16 inches square. I am going to turn these into pillows, complete with ruffles. These will go to one of the neices for Christmas. this leaves me with two more nieces to cover for Christmas. I have several embroidery patterns saved here on the laptop. I'll just have to decide which I want to do. So many different ideas! lol. I want to do them all!

I have several other projects to get done as well. Hand/arm warmers for hubby, and for my sister too. And I am crocheting a lovely new headcovering for myself. It's a headband style, and I am using a new thread! It's a lovely crochet thread by Aunt Lydia's. It's a #10 crochet thread and it's 100% bamboo! It was $2.97 for the ball of it at Wal-mart, and it is soooo soft to use. When I laid hands on it in the store I had to have it. So I have been working it like crazy. I want to be able to wear it when I go in to my next dr. appointment. Or maybe when I go visit friends this weekend. If I have it done in time I'll wear it this weekend when we go to the river with friends. That will be fun.

I am also crocheting a ruana. It's done in a new red heart yarn called "peruvian print" it's a pretty ombre print done in their 100% acrylic line of yarn. I really like this yarn for stuff like this, as it wears well, doesn't shrink or warp while you wash or wear it, and it gets softer each time you wash and dry it. And, the colors don't run or bleed. That's important in my book. lol.

ok, I gotta run! It's bed time, and I am beat.


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