Thursday, July 2, 2009

Family visit!

Well butternuts! My truck is dead. No more, can't drive and done. blah. At least my sister and her husband are here and are able to drive me to my few appointments I have today. Then they are leaving today. Rats! It sucks a lot. now I'll have to see if I can find a cheap car or truck. It could be that we just purchase a cheap car for now then save up over the next few months and then buy another 4 wheel drive. Living out here in the boonies you really do need a 4 wheel drive. ESPECIALLY during the winter.

Yesterday, hubby took the 2 oldest neices and the nephew on a hike. they brought back TONS of wildflowers, and he snapped quite a few pics of them climbing on rocks and such. My youngest neice stayed here with us and took a short nap and played. She just wouldn't have been able to keep up on the hike.

When Sis showed up yesterday she had brought dinner.. Enchiladas! Homemade of course. They were pretty snazzy tasting and I like how she did them. instead of rolling up each individual enchilada, she layered it like lasagna. So you schloop (technical term there... schooping is like skooping, but it's accompanied by a noise that sounds like "Schlooop" as the food comes out of the pan. think of when you suck in a long spaghetti noodle or soup. This term is usually reserved for lasagna, pies, and other juicy stuff.) it from the pan instead of just skooping out one or two enchiladas.

lunch today is made up of some cheese sammies, and tomato soup.... not any ol' tomato soup mind you... This tomato soup was made by my brother in law with love and skill. (and probably some cussing I am sure, it couldn't have been easy to cut up that many tomatoes and other ingredients!) And it was YUMMY! I have 2 jars of the juice he made using the same recipe, just add some flour to thicken it up into soup he said. I am going to use one of those jars here in a day or so for some stew. I'll add some meat and veggies to it and the like and then add some homemade bread and we'll eat on that for a day or two.

Anyway. Dinner was mac and cheese with hot dogs in it. It was my recipe. Macaroni cooked until done in the regular method,and drained. Then add some cubed velveeta, cubed cheddar, a sprinkle of sea salt and a sprinkle of pepper, add a little evaporated milk and about 1 or 2 teaspoons of butter. heat it all until the cheeses are melted and add in some sliced all beef franks. this fed all 8 of us.

Breakfast this morning was cereal. our neighbor on monday brought me the cheese I requested when he ran to the big city, and as a surprise he also brought a HUGE chocolate cake and a gallon of milk for the kids to have. It was so wonderful of him. Anyway, we still have milk and will have to use it up soon, so we all had cereal. nothing fancy mind you. Corn flakes and sugar and milk. Tada. Breakfast. lol. Then my brother in law took me to run my few errands, and then they left. My house seems so empty and quiet now that they are gone. It's almost depressing. The dogs are all crashed like trauma patients too. They loved having the kids here. Thor followed the kids around wagging, Frey followed my nephew especially. She bonded with him when we were up there almost 3 years ago for Thanksgiving and she apparently hasn't forgotten him. Lol. they ran around like mad puppies she and he. Nubis could have cared less about the kids. he was completely engrosed with Max. Max taught Nubis that balls are MUCH more fun when you get your people to throw them for you instead of just chewing them to bits. So when they left Sis left one of the tennis balls here for Nubis, and he's currently using it as a pillow. Thor and my youngest neice (age 2 and 1/2) hit it off pretty well and he just laid there on the floor while she rubbed his back. he would just wag and smile at her... And when she went to get up and walk away, he would look up at her and wag, so she would go back to rubbing his back. lol. I think he kept her entertained for at least 2 hours with that trick. Patient old dog.

ok, I am off to get into some kind of trouble, not sure what kind, but I know I'll find some...


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Shawnee G. said...

We loved visiting, and the kids had a blast.
The enchilladas were Frankie's creation as well. I wish we had chicken breasts on hand, I LOVE LOVE LOVE his chicken ones. I honestly think I make better beef ones, but his are really good as well. Always good when you do not have to do the cooking. Plus he cooked them to take along while he was making pizza for my company and her children (Angela and kids.)

I did finally try the mac and cheese with evaporated milk and Frankie liked it. Much better then the boxed stuff. Have started making sure we have elbow noodles on hand now.