Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dr. Visit and presents from Newbs

Had a Dr. appointment yesterday, and got good news pretty much all around! I lost 8 lbs! I grew 3 inches, I was 5 feet tall and I measured 5'3" yesterday. And my blood sugars were NORMAL! I mean, really, really normal. So normal that I am no longer having to take glucophage. I have an appointment next month and at that time I am going to have the 2 hour sugar blood draw h1c something, and if it comes back normal I won't have to be on the glucophage again at all. whoot! The only downer for the day was that she had no fix for the mosquito bites I have been getting.

Last night Newbs brought me home a surprise... It was GROSS! He came home, and after drinking a bunch of water (it was over 90 degrees F here yesterday) he came in and laid on the bed. I didn't pay any attention to him since we were watching a movie and had our headphones on. Anyway, at a break in the movie I look over to find he had vomited, yes PUKED, on the foot of my bed! ICK! EWWW! What was even worse was what he urked up. It was 2 yes TWO squirrels he had killed and eatten whole. oh my goodness! I can't even describe how ucky it was. Fascinating in that he ate them whole, but still kind of on the ugh side of life. I guess 8 month old dogs are like 2 year old kids. If they can catch it, it goes in their mouth and you find it in their diaper later. Needless to say, until we move Nubie is now confined to the house and immediate area. lol.

Ok, after my rant from yesterday I will now have to say some of the good things that will be developing once we move. I'll be putting together the cookbook! Whoot! I hope to have it ready for publication in November. It will be all tried and true recipes that come from yours truely. 20 years in the developement, it will finally come to pass. whew. I also will be launching the Acorn Avenue line of dog treats. Yet, still there is other things I'll be working on too.

So busy and no time! Whoot! lol.


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