Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hubby's response to Bea (Evil Prospers, response)

Ms. Bea and anyone else who just doesn't understand,

I think you missed some key points the post.

We live out in the middle of nowhere. Our nearest neighbor is 1/3 of a mile away, the next nearest is nearly a mile away. The closest “town” (1 store, a bar and a post office) is over 5 miles away. Between us and town are cow fields, sagebrush, and light forest. When I wrote about a community I was referring to the dozen or so folks who live in a roughly 10 mile diameter zone.

As for someone suffering from any stink we may produce; Guess who wins in a stink contest on a hot day? Would it be two humans using a regularly serviced (at our expense) potable toilet, or several hundred head of cattle in a small field? Nothing we have stinks worse then a well manured cow field. Mind you, I don't complain about the cows, it's just what cows do. Oh and did I mention, we are out in the middle of nowhere?

We picked just such a remote location in order to remove ourselves from intrusion into our lives. We don't expect, nor wish to have any county services. Response time to our location for any fire, ambulance, or law enforcement, is measured in hours not minuets. It's popular to be part of a life flight co-op for any true medical emergencies. It's a good idea when you are out in the middle of nowhere.

We regularly haul our trash to the dump and pay the dump fee, or in the winter we can use the burn barrel for most of it. You can do that when your not in a town or city, like when you are out in the middle of nowhere.

No we don't have running watter, we have 600 gallons of storage for water. We pay one of our neighbors to deliver water. I pump out of the storage as needed. we use a gravity fed solar heated shower, our drinking water is from our Burke filter, the same thing the British army uses in the field. I heat watter in our propane turkey fryer when needed for dishes or whatever. I was planning on connecting up a 12 volt DC water pump at some point, kind of on hold for now. Our region is high desert and I have attracted a lot of wild life to my little plot of land just by making water available for birds and other local critters. My little bit of improvement to the middle of nowhere.

I would love to put in solar electric, but I keep having to divert my solar panel fund to little things like keeping a car to use, doctors, and food. You know; silly, frivolous stuff. For power right now we use a generator and battery combo. I normally run the generator nine hours, sometimes twelve if the battery is extremely low. None of my neighbors can hear it, one of those advantages of being out in the middle of nowhere.

The point of the post was to express my rage and sadness that laws, that are perfectly logical for anyone in a town or city, are being applied in a near punitive way, to rural people who can't benefit from their application.

Unless you wish to debate that knowingly causing hardship, loss, and suffering is evil, then I beg you to understand that laws, throughout history, have caused more evil then all the weapons ever made by man's hand. Let's just pick a law .. how about the one used by Pharaoh to enslave Jews. We could also pick the one used in the Inquisition. Too old for you, Federal Attorney General Gonzalez told then president, G. W. Bush, that it is legal to water board prisoners. The law once said blacks had to sit in the back of a bus. Every one of these laws, and thousands of others, caused hardship, loss and suffering. They were evil laws.
I put to you Ms. Bea, that you cannot both support our right to live as we wish, and condemn us to “some standard” when that “standard” is of no benefit to anyone, and is in fact a small bit of evil.

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Modest Mom said...

It is awful that they can even do that. In NC I believe indoor plumbing is not required. What state are you in?

Please research the laws and make sure what they are telling you is completely accurate.

Legal or not, I hate that the government thinks they can force everyone to live the same.