Thursday, July 30, 2009

Depressingly Depressed

Well, it's done. We are moving back to town.

It's not what I want. I am very unhappy about it. the county codes make it so that it will cost us over $18,000.00 over the next 6 months (with no time extensions) to stay here. And we don't have that kind of money.

$55.00 for the permit to live here.
$55.00 because this is a deer wintering grounds and we need a permit to stay here.
$500.00 permit to have the perc test holes tested, and to put in a septic.
$30.00 mobile home placement permit
$1.00 per square foot of the mobile TAX to go towards extracurricular activities in the county schools (we have 840 SF mobile home) I don't have children in school, and the kids I do know in school don't go to school in this county. (never mind the fact that I think that if you have kids then YOU should be the one to pay for them, not ME! It's not up to me to pay for your children.)
$10,000.00 to drill the well
$5,000.00 to place the septic
$7,000.00 to pay for 50% of the property so the person we have the personal loan with will let us do all these permits with the county.
$2,000.00 approx. to have the mobile rewired, (maybe more, I didn't talk to an electrician yet) because the county has told us that even though we aren't using electricity we are required that the mobile is completely wired for electricity by a liscenced electrictian. We can't legally live in it until that is done. The person who had the mobile before tore out the wiring as they didn't have electricity here. We would have to get it all redone. Their excuse was that someday there may be electricity out here and so we may want it then... huh? This I don't understand at all! lol.
$200.00 inspection fee for the electric work on the wiring.

And these are just the ones we currently know about. I haven't gone further in the inquiry of what needs to be done.

the mobile that is here is temporary only. We weren't planning on staying in the mobile, we wanted to do strawbale construction here. Since it's a fairly arid area, it's not all that hard to have strawbale because the weather doesn't break it down as much as in the valley. the R value of the strawbale construction is very decent for this area too. building codes require 2 x 6 construction instead of 2 x 4 because of the amount of snow in the winter, and the straw bale is rated as something like 2 x 8 or even 2 x 10 depending on what rigidity you use and how well you compact.

so we are moving back to town. A small town not far from Treehaven land. It's not what I want. It's not what I planned, and it's a terrible, terrible place. It's prison as far as I am concerned. I hate living in towns, it's suffocating, it's inhuman. I don't know how people can subject themselves to it willingly. Like rats in a maze I'll be back in a festering excuse for living.

instead of clean air, mountain breezes, the sounds of birds, and sights of deer and such, I get to have the sounds of cars, car exhaust, and the neighbors dog.

I have the consolation that if I have to live in prison, then I'll live in a guilded cage at least. lol.

The house is nice as city homes go. It's 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, the garage has been converted into a shop, and a fenced front yard (with a white picket fence). Although, it has carpeting in the kitchen... It's beyond me why anyone would carpet a kitchen for crying out loud. The messiest floor in the house is the kitchen, so I have a feeling that I'll be shampooing that a lot. It has a ton, and I mean a TON of storage, as well as a fireplace, and monitor heater for heating in the winter. There is a swamp cooler in the living room for helping to cool. Since the house is built of cinder block, it stays fairly cool in the summer, but having the swamp cooler i am sure will be a boon. Rent is very cheap for it, less than $600.00 per month, if this house were in Eugene, the rent would be $1,500.00 to $1,800.00 per month! In Portland it would be about $2,200.00 a month. The Square Footage on the house is about 1300 SF. Even the house we were renting in Eugene, which was a ranch style home built in the 1970's was $910.00 per month, and it was only 1050 SF, no perks. the landlord will be paying water and sewer on this house. We can run all the water we want he said, he encouraged it as a matter of fact as he wants the lawn to stay as green as possible. no problamo. I am not big on lawns, a waste of space in my mind, yank them and put in garden.. But it's a fact that a green lawn helps to keep the area around it cooler. So, i'll run that water 24/7 if he likes. lol. I'll pick up a hose and a sprinkler when we go into town on Monday (7/27/09).

The good news for hubby is that there is DSL connection available, and he can go back to working on computers for people. Maybe I'll get back into playing Everquest and I can bury my depression over living in town in the game again. The news that he'll have DSL at the house has him almost dancing a jig. I don't find going to the library to be much of a chore. Actually I enjoy it. I meet new people, and learn about area happenings. It's kind of fun. But he doesn't like that. you can sure tell which of us is more addicted to the net. lol.

The rental is on a month to month agreement. The loose plan right now is that we will move our stuff down out of storage in Eugene sometime in the next few months. Then, we'll weed through everything even more, get it to where it'll all fit in one van or moving vehicle, and during this time decide on where we are going to go and what we are going to do. And then make our move. This time at least we won't have to make any split minute decisions (we hope) and can plan out where we are going to move to. We'll find someplace out in the country, in an area that isn't controlled by people who seem to want to bleed every drop of money from you, and then start over. We already have a few leads in that direction.

I'll be putting a new website up, check it out in a few months. That's what I'm calling this little rental house, Acorn Avenue. It's a dream hoping to grow into something big and mighty. lol.

I'm unhappy, sad, depressed, and we've fallen back about 3 rungs on the ladder towards our goals, but I am NOT giving up. I WILL reach the top of this ladder.

Ok, my rant is done. lol.

I'll write more later as this is a total book as you can see. :)



Berried Treasures said...

Hi. This is Pam & I am on 4 on 4 group (Jo's Group) with you. I enjoy your blog so much. I am very sorry that you are having to move to town. I look forward to reading your blogs in the future & how you will make the best of your new home because I know you can do it & you will!

Quawana said...

OH Honey I know you don't want this move. You guys have been through so much. I hope it goes ok and living in town will grow on you just a bit. I know it is nothing like the piece of heaven you are leaving. I love ya my friend.

Acorn Seasons said...

Thank you Pam! We are going to work towards it again, but this time we are hoping to be a little more prepared, and we know more of what to look for of course. :) It's just a setback, not a stop sign. hehe.

Acorn Seasons said...

Quawana, you know totally how much I wanted this. But I'll get there. I'll miss it all a lot.