Sunday, July 26, 2009

Moving On

Well, if hubby's check is in the mail tomorrow for his disability then we go and take possession of the rental house.

While I don't like the idea of moving back into a rental, I do have to be practical and admit that it's what I would look for in a house. lol. I have always wanted a nice 1960ish house with a white picket fence and roses out front and huge kitchen, with a fireplace or woodstove in it. Well, It's got all of that! ROFL. It has HUGE bedrooms, and TONS of storage. It's like I ordered the house just for me. So who knows, maybe it'll all work out for the best anyway.

The power is already going into my name tomorrow, and the water is already on. The landlord is paying for the water, I think I mentioned that already. Trash doesn't pick up there in town, everyone just makes weekly or so runs to the local dump. come on, the entire town is something like 400 people. lol. I think they snuck in a few cows in that count just to get their $$$ from county and state up. Three convienence stores, 1 gas station, 1 car repair shop, 1 forest service office, 1 water service office, 1 second hand store, and 1 cafe. There you have it. And not a stop light in the town. OH, they do have an elementary school too. rofl.

My sort of neighbor, she's three blocks away and in the middle of town while we are on the outskirts, has llamas in her backyard. I like that idea, maybe I can do some kind of swap for some llama fiber! Hers are black, and such a nice color of black too. None of that brown/black you see so often in fiber animals.

I won't be able to keep rabbits and chickens like I wanted, but I'll just have to trade for meat and eggs I guess. With all the storage in the house I'll have places to put all the food storage I currently have, plus a lot more. There are three full size closets in the house, and I'll put shelves in at least one if not two of them, and that will give me even more storage space.

We are taking a load of stuff with us tomorrow to leave at the house, and we are also taking along a bag with clean clothes and all our shower stuff. hubby has already called dibs on the first shower. lol. It doesn't matter to me, I can shower here or there. I figure that if he gets in the shower there I may not be able to get him to come back here to sleep. hehe.

Almost everything we have we can put in boxes and take over in our car. The bed, our small fridge and a table will have to be taken over in a friends truck. The only reason the fridge needs to go in the truck is because it's best if you don't tip them on their side, and it's too tall for my car. the table could be broken down and go in the car too, but it's a hassle to take apart so the guys can just toss it in the truck. We'll also pack their truck with boxes in the same trip, why waste space right?

We are keeping one of the water storage containers, it's always best to keep extra water! The other we are selling, we'll keep the generator too. The large propane canisters are being sold, we'll keep the two smaller ones, they will work well on a BBQ or for the turkey fryer, which I am keeping! So much to decide on and do. And to top it all off it's been like 4 bazillion degrees!

Ok, so not quite that hot, but it was over 95 degrees today... Dry heat my bouncy patootie! Once it gets that hot it's all hot, sticky heat because I sweat so much. Blah. We ever win the lottery and I'm moving to Alaska. NORTHERN Alaska. I have heard there is this great place in Siberia, Uerkoosk.... It get to something like -20 in the summer... I think I'll move there. no plants grow, so the people live on horse meat alone.... Hummm... Maybe I'll be able to grow something else to eat, after all I'd be filthy rich from winning the lotto right?

OK, I'm fried.

later Gaters!

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